Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You want to play outside...In the street?!!!

I'm excited spring is here and I'm looking forward to the summer with my kids. But one day last week I started thinking about what's to come. My excitement shifted to a slight feeling of anxiety.

The weather was perfect, so it was time to gather up the kids and head outside. Once out, I noticed the street was full of kids playing, riding bikes, throwing balls. But it was different from previous years. I realized that James Charles wasn't going to be on the sidewalk watching the big kids play. He was going to be amongst them.

Audrey and I were watching him trek along the sidewalk on his tricycle when some neighbor kids came over and said the words we all remember growing up: "Wanna come play?"

I thought I was ready for this, but it turns out I was caught a little off-guard.