Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 Unsexy Things I Want For My Birthday

My birthday is next month and, like most moms, I look forward to a special dinner with my hubby sans the kids, a night out with my girlfriends, family celebrations, maybe even opening gifts.  Those things are grand, the spice of life.  But there are also some things that don't sound as exciting, but would make my heart sing.  Here's my list of:

 10 Unsexy Things I Want For My Birthday

1.  Having a professional come clean and organize my house from top to bottom
I'm sick of looking at my baseboards and seeing dust here and dust there.  I wish my shower was spotless.  When will my closet truly get organized? Too bad those things keep getting lower and lower on my priority list when I'm up to my eyeballs with loads of laundry and endless dishes, not to mention keeping my babies clean and getting food on the table.

2.  A guarantee to get to sleep past 8 a.m. at least once a week. 
Enough said.

3.  A chance to eat breakfast in peace--sometimes.  Breakfast is my favorite meal. In my fantasy, breakfast is ready when I wake up.  National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" show is playing in the background, and I'm reading the newspaper while eating, sipping coffee and drinking orange juice.  I'd talk to my husband about the day's news, with no interruptions.  Well, at least the kids can feed themselves now. 

4.  A personal hairstylist who does my hair every night before I go to bed. (Ok, so maybe that's not so unsexy after all. Had to add it anyway.)

5. Sleeping past 8 am at least once a week.  I'm sorry.  Did I already mention that?

6. Guaranteed quality conversation with my husband every night before we go to sleep.
Notice I said "quality."  "I'm tired, but glad you had a good day.  The kids were so cute today," doesn't count.

7.  For my kids to take their naps at the same time every day. But I'm not holding my breath.  Sometimes I feel like they hold meetings when I'm not looking to schedule their naps so far apart just to torture me.

8.  Time to work out twice a day.  Really.  Yes, it sounds crazy, but I really love working out, especially if it involves Zumba.

9.   Grocery shopping-made-easy.  Ok, this one is my fault. Somehow the biweekly shopping trip turns into an all-weekend ordeal. Personal assistant anyone?

 10. A guarantee to get to sleep past 8 a.m. at least once a week.  Something tells me I may have mentioned this before...

So, "there you have it." (Sorry, it's my son's new favorite phrase, now etched in my brain).  This is what I'll be thinking about when I go shopping for a new dress for my birthday, while I'm eating dinner and blowing out the candles on my cake. Unsexy, yes, but my own bliss.


Tatiana said...

I see that you really want/need that sleep past 8am! Lol! I hear ya! I know those little rascals can be a handful at times. I'm sure you will have a wonderful birthday. I hope I get to celebrate it with you in some way. Good luck with your list. :-)

Takisha said...

Thanks Tash! Hope to see you on my birthday.