Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soccer Mama!!!

It's official: You can call me a soccer mom.

Making his silly face and enjoying his treat after his first practice
James Charles went to his first soccer practice last week. He was so cute, donned in a black and blue outfit to match his soccer ball.  (Daddy picked it out of course).  Jason got off work a little early so we could all head over to the field together for his first practice. We were so excited and couldn't wait to see our boy in action, especially since this is his first time in an organized sport. 

We wanted to make sure we weren't putting any undue pressure on him and told him that he was going to have fun running and playing while learning a new sport.  He seemed really into it...until we actually got to the field.

Looking a little unsure of this soccer thing

He met his coach as his future teammates were still streaming in. Parents were setting up their chairs getting nice and comfy. (Why hadn't I thought of that?) Then he started running away from the practice field.  Jason got him, then he got a little clingy to me.  By then, Jason and I were starting to get a little concerned. We started to wonder if putting him in soccer was a good idea after all--A slightly scary thought knowing that his uniform had just been ordered and his coach was counting on having an extra player.  But Jason talked to him, and he started warming up a few minutes later.

By the time practice was over, James Charles was dribbling a little and even kicked the ball into the net.  The best part though, was when I heard him laughing and seeing his big smile when we all cheered for him and his team.  He was genuinely having fun.

All smiles!
In the meantime, Audrey was having a blast playing with her own soccer ball on the sidelines. It was so cute watching her keep track of her brother.

Taking a break from kicking her own soccer ball

I think she thinks she's part of the team
I'm relieved it appears he's going to like soccer.  It's important to me that he be involved in an activity now that he's almost four.  Plus it took more work than I imagined to find his team.  I had a hard time finding out who was offering soccer for his age in our community. (You almost lose hope after an extensive google search yields virtually nothing).  Fortunately a friend from church was able to get us in touch with our coaches and we only missed one practice.

His team is a co-ed one and I'm looking forward to getting to know the other parents as we cheer on our kids.  Their first game is this Saturday.  I promise I won't take it too seriously.  He may run the wrong way. He may score.  His team may lose.  But I can't wait to see whatever happens on the field.  And I hope he's all smiles when all is said and done. If not, there's always the ice cream after the game...

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