Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eggs and Bacon ...

My son James Charles is now fascinated with eggs and bacon.  Not really the food, but an entire world he has created for them. They're James Charles' new imaginary friends.

It all started about a month ago.  We were encouraging him to eat his breakfast when he suddenly started singing "Eggs and Bacon" to the tune of "Frere Jacques" (also known as "Where is Thumbkin?").  Hubby and I joined him, thinking nothing about it. He's a picky eater. For us, it's whatever works to get him eating some protein.

Now he sings it all day long.  He has even called both sets of grandparents to sing it. At first we thought it was so cute. This lasted a few days until Jason decided the song needed to be revamped.  Simply singing "Eggs and Bacon" was just not enough.  Later I learned Jason had come up with a new song.  It goes something like this:

"Eggs and bacon
Eggs and bacon
Good for me
Good for me
We eat them every morning
Down in my tummy
Mmm mmm good
Mmm mmm good."
Yes, being a parent will take you there.  But James Charles isn't done with his new obsession.  "Eggs and Bacon" will often become "Eggs and Audrey" or "Eggs and Mommy," sometimes without warning, just when the mood hits.

A few days ago (no the story's not over yet) "Eggs and Bacon" began to show up in his room. 
He told us that the breakfast favorites had "wet and poo pooed on his bed and that we need to talk to them about it".  He said all of this laughing hysterically. Then, he spotted "Eggs and Bacon" running outside the car window on the way home from school. Sometimes he says "Eggs and Bacon" need time outs, enjoy laughing and want to eat pancakes slathered with butter. Basically "Eggs and Bacon" are my son's alter-ego.

"Eggs and Bacon" tend to be really busy when Jason is around. I got a break from them Friday while he was at work.  But it was all about "Eggs and Bacon" the moment Daddy stepped in the house.  They were ready for dinner.  Then they were ready to take their baths, drink milk and read books to go night-night.We had a full day on Saturday enjoying the spring-like weather.  "Eggs and Bacon" joined James Charles and Audrey in his Jeep, to McDonald's for ice cream, playtime and back home. It was all about "Eggs and Bacon".

But  now they're starting to overstay their welcome. However James Charles isn't ready for them to leave. So when we had enough of "Eggs and Bacon" for the day, we told James Charles that they went to sleep.  James Charles tried to wake them up and we told him to leave them alone.

We want a break. At least until tomorrow.

But it looks like "Eggs and Bacon" are here to stay for a while. And so is the tune. It's stuck in my head now.

"Eggs and Bacon
Eggs and Bacon
Good for me.
Good for me..."


Tatiana said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is so funny! I didn't know that his song is taking over your lives! LOL! This made my day! I'm singing it now: "Eggs and Bacon, Eggs and Bacon..." :) YES!

Takisha said...

Yes and he's going to call you to sing it to you later! Then you can have that song stuck in your head!