Monday, January 24, 2011

How was your weekend?

I didn’t mean to go so long without posting anything.  To be honest, my kids weren’t so generous to me in the sleep department last week. But that’s a post for another day.  For now I’ll relish in the simple weekend we shared.

Usually our Saturdays are packed with running errands, cleaning the house, visiting family or going to somebody’s birthday party. (We belong to a large church, so it seems someone’s always having a party or event.) But on this Saturday, we took it easy.

Jason wanted to finish our taxes in peace, without all the loud toys James Charles plays with, while Audrey crawls around looking to eat stuff the vacuum cleaner missed.  So I grabbed them and headed to the park.

Now that Audrey is older, it’s fun taking them to the park.  She can finally get on the swings; I love letting them both swing at the same time.  James Charles got a kick out of watching his sister laugh. He kept demanding to be pushed higher and higher.  I saw them staring at each other on the swings and got a warm snapshot of how close they already are.  They looked like best friends.

Later, I sat Audrey down so she could bang out some notes on the playground’s metal instrument. She’s really into making her own music! Her big brother soon came over to join the show.  By then, James Charles had his fill of sliding, running and hanging from the monkey bars (a new skill he’s learned).  Plus, it started getting cold; it showed from the looks of their now runny noses. 

James Charles told me to hurry and get Audrey to the car “so she won’t be cold anymore.” “Come on Audrey! Don’t be cold,” he says.  I scooped her up and did as I was told. My heart melts thinking of how he’s always looking out for her. (At night it’s hard to get him to bed if he doesn’t get his kisses from Audrey.  I pray they’re always kind to each other.)

When we got home, Jason was almost finished with the taxes. I prepared dinner and we got the kids ready for bed. Reflecting on our day, it wasn’t eventful, by most standards. Some might say it was a little boring.  But for me, it was just a simple Saturday.
And we need those sometimes.


Evers Writing Company said...

We made out pretty good on our taxes this year -- thanks to Audrey! Good post, Takisha.

-- Jason

Takisha said...

Haha! You're too kind Jason.

Tatiana said...

How beautiful and I LOVE the pictures! That wasn't a boring Saturday at all. I would have loved to watch them at the park. James Charles is so sweet. :) I know him and Audrey will always be close.