Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Morning madness ...

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is starting off where you want it. I'm already tackling one of my goals for the New Year -- getting organized.

I'm not talking about the kind of organization where you trash everything, I've already done that. My problem is more of a day-to-day kind of disorganization. I've been "winging" it for a little too long and things are starting to spin out-of-control.

Here’s an example of a typical weekday morning:

"Hey Jason, have you seen Audrey's other sock?" (She's screaming and squirming as I'm putting her in her car seat) 
"James Charles, get your cup to take to the car! Wait, why did you take your pants off? You know we're about to leave!" (He hops up and down and guts out an evil laugh)
"Jason, don't forget to grab your lunch and please get my water. I have the diaper bag! Yes, snacks are in it." "Oh no, where did I just put my keys? Oh there they are.  Let's go."

Jason grabs Audrey and James Charles trails behind, swinging his cup. I lock the house, set the alarm and we get into the car.  I breathe a sigh of relief, seeing we're not going to be late.
But it's short-lived.
I realize my phone's still on the charger next to the bed.

And my disorganization doesn't stop with the morning routine. I have clutter on my bookshelf, pictures that need to be put in scrapbooks, old baby clothes to sort through, yesterday's laundry to fold, dishes in the sink, the list goes on.

So yes, it's really time to get down to business. My kids aren't getting any younger and I can see my life growing more and more chaotic.

After serious thought, I came up with some solutions to help me:
  • Do more night preparation for the day ahead
  • Prioritize and focus on one project at a time
  • Use my time more wisely — come up with a daily schedule and do my best to stick to it
  • More teamwork — work out glitches with my husband
  • And get more sleep
I've already started making progress.  Just last week I finished organizing Audrey's bedroom.  No longer is her newborn clothing invading her closet. It took hours and was a little tedious, but it's one less thing to stress about.  Yes, at least one less thing.
The Christmas toys the kids piled up while I was organizing will have to wait until tomorrow.

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Tatiana said...

Wow! Hahaha! I don't know how you do it everyday! What a job! But you're awesome at it. You're such a great mother.