Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! Welcome to my blog!  The new year is here and I'm so excited to dive in to one of my many goals. I've been itching to start my own blog for a while and on this first day of 2011, on a Saturday night, as I watch my husband dance with our kids in our living room to some James Brown, I'm finally making it happen.

A little about me: I'm Takisha Roberson, married nearly nine years and a mom to two rambunctious kids.  Our boy is three and our baby girl is nine months.  Four years ago, (boy how time flies) I took a break from a career in front of the camera reporting and sometimes anchoring news, and opted to be at home full-time with my then-infant son. I spent a few years working at stations in Dayton, Ohio and in Detroit, Michigan. Now my "deadlines" consist of getting the kids to playdates on time, "reporting" to my hubby to keep him in the loop when the kids do something cute or are driving me up a wall, and making sure there's something decent for dinner.  My "live truck" where a lot of my time was spent working is now a crossover SUV. And no more business "power" suits. I've finally learned how to dress for a visit to the park for a power walk pushing a stroller instead. It's a life I never imagined I'd have -- and I love it.

For fun (translation: things I do when the kids are asleep, haha) I enjoy watching television shows that I've DVR'd, reading, listening to NPR, working out (I really do), wasting time on Facebook, talking to my parents and siblings on the phone, and learning about food and eating it. And I enjoy writing -- a love I've had since I was a child and a love I've recently rekindled. So in a way, blogging is taking me back to my roots. 

So what's the point of this blog? Honestly, some of it will be me making it up as I go along. Some days I'll post about the joys, triumphs and challenges of motherhood.  Sometimes I may tackle marriage, faith, family and friendship. Sometimes I'll want to chat about something I saw, heard or read in the news and some days will simply be about the funny randomness life often throws at us.

I hope you'll want to stop by and read what's on my mind. But for now, I'm going to get off this computer and join my hubby and the kids. Time to sweat a little. "I Feel Good" is playing on our iPod.

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